Thursday, 30 April 2015

Radish Salad

Radish must be the most wonderful vegetable ever! Radish is amazing to lower the cholesterol for whoever that´s struggling with high cholesterol levels, and is also rich in calsium, magnesium, vitamin C and has a lot of more benefits! I had some friends over for dinner, and they all fell in love with this fresh , slightly sweet and crunchy salad. If there is one new salad you should try, it must be this one!

Radish Salad
Makes 6 portions

10 radishes
1 cucumber
3 handfuls of salad leafs
1 yellow pepper
1 handful walnuts
1/2 handful cashewnuts
a small handful chives

Put the salad leafs in a large salad bowl, roughly slice up the yellow pepper, and then finely slice the cucumber and radish into super thin slices. Crush the nuts in your hands and chop the chives and have that on top!

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