Sunday, 12 July 2015

Maca Oatmeal With Raspberry Acai Sauce

So this is the last night in wonderful Berlin, a city that I've fallen completely in love with! We've went to a numerous excellent cafés and restaurants, and I think I've really got to see many of the best parts about Berlin's street life through exactly that – the food! If you want more details and my recommendations on restaurants and cafés to visit if you're in Berlin, just check out my instagram (@greenfoodlilly), and you'll find everything written there! So as it was the last day in Berlin, and we were only about half way through our list on "places to go to in Berlin", we knew that it was going to be quite a hectic day, and so I knew that I had to make an extra energizing breakfast this morning. For situations like these, oatmeal is perfect! It keeps long in the stomach and you'll feel full for many, many hours. As well I added some wonderful and sweet-tasting maca powder, which is a wonderful source of vitamins as well as it actually helps clear up the skin! On top I added some of my favourite berry sauce, which has a perfect balance between sourness and sweetness! In other words, a really pleasuring breakfast!

Serves 2

1 cup large oats
1 cup water
1 tbsp maca powder

 cup fresh raspberries
4 tbsp water
2 tsp acai berry powder

different types of nuts

Combine all ingredients for the oatmeal in a saucepan. Heat up and stir constantly for 5 minutes. In a separate little saucepan, add the berries, water and acai powder. Bring up to boil and mash with a fork until the sauce is evenly smooth. Serve up the oatmeal, pour over the sauce and drizzle over some nuts.

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