Friday, 24 April 2015

Homemade Chocolate With Cranberries And Nuts

Flawless, silky chocolate can be the best thing in the whole world. This is just a basic recipe for chocolate based on cocoa mass and cocoa butter, but I like to add all sorts of nuts and dried fruits or berries to give it that extra crunchiness and texture. 

Homemade Chocolate With Cranberries And Nuts

100 g cocoa mass
50 g cocoa butter
4 tbsps coconut butter
1 handful cranberries, dried
1 handful walnuts
1 handful almonds

In a water bath, add the cocoa mass, the cocoa butter and the coconut butter. Stir this until it´s become a smooth, runny chocolate sauce. Prepare some moulds or a baking tray with baking sheet. You can now sprinkle over the cranberries, walnuts and almonds which have been roughly chopped, over the moulds/baking tray. Finally pour the chocolate sauce over and place the moulds or baking tray in the fridge for about an hour or so. If you chose to pour the chocolate onto a baking tray, you can break this into smaller pieces once the chocolate has set. You can store the chocolate in the fridge for up to two weeks without any problem. Enjoy!

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