Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Super-Fiber Summer Smoothie

What isn't better than to drink a refreshing and energizing glass of smoothie on a hot summer's day? Well...nothing is better than that. Especially since this large portion of super-pink, thick liquid is so full of all sorts of delicious and exotic flavours! The contrast of oats/granola in the bottom and in the middle with the smooth and creamy smoothie really is heavenly, and a must-try for any smoothie-and breakfast lover!

Serves 1

1 cup coconut water
1/3 cup oat milk
10 frozen raspberries
10 frozen strawberries
1 mango
5 tbsp oats
1 tsp cinnamon
1 handful cashew nuts

For the layering

Simply combine all ingredients in a blender and blend for a minute. Add 3 tablespoons of granola in the bottom of the glass, pour in some smoothie, add another tablespoon granola and pour in the rest of the smoothie.

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