Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Spicy Tomato Guacamole

I have no words to describe the insanely deliciousness of this bowl of rich tasting guacamole. Mashed avocado is already perfect on it's own, but together with some spices and tomato – which really puts the icing on the cake, it tastes heavenly! It's a must in any dish or tapas, and I bet you'll love it as much as I do! I really enjoyed dipping some organic sweet potato, kale- and tomato tortillas which I bought in the local health store, into the beautiful guacamole. For that reason, the bowl didn't last for more than a couple of minutes.

Makes 1 small bowl

2 ripe avocados
1 large tomato
 1 scallion
1 pinch cayenne pepper
the juice from a lemon
salt & pepper

Peel the skin off the avocado, remove the stone with a spoon and mash it in a bowl using a fork. Chop the tomato into small cubes and have it into the bowl of mashed avocado. Slice up the scallion and add that in as well. Drizzle over some cayenne pepper, squeeze over the juice from a lemon and season with salt and pepper. Give it a mix and serve on a slice of rye bread or tortillas, or have it as an element in a Mexican dish, or any other tropical dish!

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