Monday, 30 March 2015

About me

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! As you probably know my name is Lilly Leana. I´m a fifteen year old girl living in the capital of freezing Norway, and with roots in Scandinavia and Kosovo in Balkan.

Anyways...The reason why I started to blog here, is to hopefully help others turn into the direction of healthier and more organic "green" food. So by writing here, my goal is to prove to more people that cooking food that is good for the earth and that makes you feel fantastic, isn´t hard. Everybody can do it, and it takes nearly no time considering how many million and billion times better it is for
you´re body comparing it with a burger from any of those fast food brands.

After a couple of years having constant stomach pain and lack of energy, I at some point considered stop being vegetarian (which I´ve been since I was five due to sympathy for animals). I found out that I had been developing an intolerance for nearly everything that I used to take a big part of every of my normal meals. I had to find new ways of cooking, but with a huge passion for food and cooking,
I´m only left with a positive experience of experimenting with new types of food. After all, cooking meals without gluten, wheat, lactose, milk and yeast isn´t that hard.

Now that I have been used to cook in this new kind of way, I have found my patterns, and I have discovered a whole new world of delicious healthy and organic food. In the whole package of healthy organic food, physical activity is also important when it comes to changing the lifestyle. I´m doing ballet, and am as well keen on doing yoga, pilates and meditation.

Now, I want to share with you recipes that helped me in the new direction and made me feel so much better. It´s important to emphasize that you don´t have to be allergic or intolerant to switch over to a new lifestyle, you just simply have to want to take care of your body and feel good, as well as you support a sustainable foodmarket that does not destroy the animal or global life.

Good luck, and get inspired!
x Lilly

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